Play Library is a toy library with a few twists.

The simplest explanation: we’re launching a toy library in Bellingham, Washington: creating a catalog of toys for community members to check out for play.

The twists:

  • the community owns the library. Membership is governance, inspired by cooperatives + DAOs.

  • we’re building in public. This isn’t an idea that will be exclusively beneficial to our community here, so you can follow along and use what we’re making to launch something in your community. We’re sharing everything: totally free, totally open. Documentation and storytelling are essential.

  • we’re exploring and iterating to create a beautiful ecosystem. We want to practice sharing and governing in ways that are typically unavailable at large scale, engaging in transparent dialogue and storytelling so we can reflect and dream together.

These posts + emails are part of the documentation and storytelling: where we are and where we’re going.

You can also follow along on instagram + twitter.


Allie Bishop
Early Childhood Enthusiast + Play Advocate 😎